Reliable Representatives

Northland Reps provides external sales services with a specialization in piping and plumbing products. We take pride in facilitating long-term business relationships with client companies and customers.

A History of Sales Success

Northland Reps evolved in 1992 from roots established by Douglas Greig & Associates, a manufacturers rep firm formed in 1960. Many of the manufacturers we currently represent are from the Douglas Greig era and our early days as Northland Reps. We are fortunate to have strong business partnerships that have stood the test of time with manufacturers whose goals align with ours. Northland Reps and the manufacturers they represent are committed to providing our customers with quality products at a fair price delivered in a timely manner.

Get your product to the people that need it

Manufacturers & Products

Liberty Pumps

Bergen, NY

  • Submersible Sewage, Effluent, and Sump Pumps
  • Pre‑assembled Sewage Ejector Systems
  • Pre‑assembled Grinder Ejector Systems
  • Custom Engineered EPS Systems
  • Ascent II Macerating Toilet System
  • Explosion Proof Pumps
  • Backup Sump Pumps

Sioux Chief

Peculiar, MO

  • Finish Line Drainage System
  • OX Box Power Supply
  • Strong Arm Bracketing/Support
  • Residential/Commercial Drainage
  • Plumbing Specialty Items and Tools
  • PowerPEX PEX Tube and Fittings


Houston, TX

  • Thread Sealants
  • Chemicals
  • Solvent Cements
  • Metacaulk
  • Nokorode Flux
  • Aqua Flux
  • Golden Grip Tools
  • G-O-N (Glue-On-Nozzle)
  • Aspen Pumps, Safe-T-Switch
  • Fortress and Slim Duct Lineset Ducting Systems
  • Sureseal

Simmons Manufacturing

McDonough, GA

  • Well Accessories
  • Check Valves
  • Well Seals
  • Tank Tees

Northern Pipe Products

Fargo, ND

  • PVC Pipe for Plumbing, Irrigation, and Well Markets


North Saint Paul, MN

  • Air Gap Fixtures

TOPP Industries Inc.

Rochester, IN

  • Fiberglass Basins, Covers, and Accessories
  • Poly Basins, Covers, and Accessories
  • Structural Foam Basins and Covers
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Uniseals

Sales Team

Jeff Tyler

Owner/Outside Sales


Phone: (952) 854-3905, ext 12

Over 30 years in the industry -- Joined Northland Reps in 1989

Kevin Barta

Owner/Outside Sales


Phone: (952) 854-3905, ext 11

Over 25 years in the industry -- Joined Northland Reps in 2013

Cristina Zukowski

Customer Service/Inside Sales


Phone: (952) 854-3905, ext 10

Joined Northland Reps in 2013

Al Fracassi

Outside Sales


Phone: (952) 854-3905, ext 14

Over 20 years in the industry -- Joined Northland Reps in 2017

Trade Associations

Association of Independent Manufacturers Representatives

Association of Plumbing Engineers

Builders Association of the Twin Cities

Minnesota Builders Exchange

Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors

Plumbing Heating Cooling Manufacturers Club

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